P53 gene mutation

Application: predicts a series prognosis of neoplasms. Characterized li-Fraumeni syndrome and identifies patients and families at risk.


1 - Peripheral blood (EDTA).
2 - Tissue: block of paraffin containing the tissue.
Send anatomopathological results. fragments
of tissue, biopsy or small surgical specimens:
fixed in 10% buffered formalin appropriate container
(the amount of formaldehyde to biopsies should
be 10ml, for surgical specimens should be 3x
its volume).

Sample size: Item 2: 5 ml (primary tube).
Patient prepare: There is no preparation.
Observation: - Indicate medications used by the patient.

Item 1: cooled (2-8 ° C).
Item 2: room temperature.


Item 1: 02 days.
Item 2: Indefinite.

Methodology: PCR.
Delivery time: 20 working days.
Material transportation:

Chilled (item 1).
Temperature (item 2).

Reciving deadline: 24 hours after submission.

important: A must send the exams request form.