From 2002 onwards, Centro de Genomas® began its Research, Development and Innovation Department (R, D & I). We pioneered in developing  Real Time - PCR techniques for HCV, HIV e HBV testing in Brazil. All our tests have been internally developed, including the internal amplification controls, also developed by Centro de Genomas® and calibrated every six months according to international pannels and adjusted according to the standard WHO patterns.

Besides the diagnostic tests, monitoring, genotyping and subtyping of infectious diseases, we developed tests for sexually transmissible diseases (STD), profiles for trombosis, genetic tests to verufy the predisposition to illnesses like: osteoporosis, post-gestational obesity predisposition among others.
This area is a specialty in Centro de Genomas®, because we believe it’s the most precise and trustful form for diagnosis.

DNA is life’s essence, all living beings’ characteristics are defined in it, including the risks for diseases. It is by analyzing DNA and RNA that we identify and characterize pathogens and infectious agents. It was then realtively easy to realize all the potential for diagnostics in the moment we explore analysis and typing of those nucleic acids. By doing so, we are investing in a complex area of knowledge, that offers a large field to be explored - which will continuously and certainly enhance diagnostic precision.

The analysis of nucleic acids is is a direct research of pathologies and pathogens, and cannot be inferred by other biological markers like antibodies, proteins or metabolites. Centro de Genomas® then decided to select Molecular Medicine as its main working instrument. We are trying to expand knowledge applied to diagnostics through innovation and development, allowing our future to be closer to people, when we are dealing with Human Health in general.