The Dry Spot division brings advanced technological innovation and is a part of our working philosophy here at Centro de Genomas®. Our Research, Development & Innovation Department focused its efforts and intelligence in developing a technique capable of substituting the costly and complex Brazilian and international logistics.

Using stabilizing reactives and looking for a more efficient RNA and DNA extraction, we conquered our modern division. Since 2005, Centro de Genomas® makes available to the national and international market viral and immunological tests in DBS. Nowadays we possess specific collection and transportation kits for HCV, HIV, HBV and other genetic tests, legalized by the Brazilian post office.

The stability of HIV-1 and HCV RNA, and of HBV DNA has always been a challlenge faced by laboratories that use nucleic acid as a diagnose instrument. Actually, biological samples have to be processed quickly after collection, for plasma separation, and must be frozen in a very short period of time, being maintained so for transportation. This represents extra effort and cost. Besides, the inadequate manipulation of the samples may result in the degradation of nucleic acids and enhance the contamination risks between the samples.

Centro de Genomas® perfectioned its collection kits for dry blood analysis on DBS. We started out as pioneers using this technique for HIV-1 genotyping (detection of genotype resistence against the antiretroviral drugs). Thus, samples can be collected by digital punction, or even transferred to the DBS from the collection syringe. The samples will be maintained and transported at room temperature, making it possible for them to be sent from laboratories, clinics and practices, or even by regular mail.

All qualitation and genotyping tests are easily performed nowadays by Centro de Genomas® and briefly it will be possible that all viral loads for HIV, HCV and HBV be performed using the same methodology.

Through our Dry Spot division we can separate serum from HIV, HCV and HBV patients at a same collection act, confirm it through molecular testing and genotype through sequencing.


Centro de Genomas® offers precise and secure diagnostics, and values the health and welfare of the human being. Please watch our instructive video on DBS collection at: www.centrodegenomas.com.br, under "Knowledge Space".