Concentrated in offering a wide exam variety in the most important specialties of Diagnostic Medicine, Centro de Genomas® has been establishing a new form of acting, opening subdivisions that include the most modern tools for the investigation and treatment of countless diseases.

After the huge success of the divisions Biomol, Paternity, Citogenetics and Dry-Spot, the company decided to start, from October 2009, the new Oncology division, an initiative that has as its major target the establishment of a new quality pattern in molecular and immunohistochemical tests for the various forms of cancer, using the most modern techniques available.

The specialists’ team at Centro de Genomas®, in association with their partners, dedicated themselves to research and development of a series of molecular tests for the area. This initiative aims at fixing a new quality pattern.

Up to the present time, we have three development areas: Molecular Oncology, Oncohematology and Immunohistochemistry, which cover the investigation of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer, lymphomas, leukemia, among others.