The investigation of genetic link, more commonly known as parental testing or DNA testing has provided Centro de Genomas® the creation of this division. Today, having performed over 20.000 cases and thus acquired the experience therefrom, alongside with specific procedures in genetic reconstruction, Centro de Genomas® has become the most prepared Brazilian laboratory to make this kind of investigation.

We have 4 highly capacited professionals, fully dedicated to the Paternity division. Our department is able to obtain genetic material from the most different biological fluids and tissues.

Besides, Centro de Genomas® has developed exclusively for this case a "paternity collection kit", using dry blood spots, and all necessary information and instruction are contained within the kit - which has a collection intruction guide. In this manner, we manage to serve all national territory in the most secure form possible.

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We have contracts with many prosecutor offices all over the country, and offer the three party test (alledged father, mother and son) besides the maternity investigation, tests with absent alledged father and tests to determine brothership and ancestrality.