Centro de Genomas® is a reference laboratory in Molecular Medicine, for diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases and Human Genetics. The lab works under the executive direction of Dr Cintia Vilhena and under the medical direction of Dr Ricardo Sobhie Diaz. Our R, D & I department is under the direction of Dr. Carlos Santos.

Part of our medical team are also Dr Ismael Dale Cotrim Guerreiro, Dr Antonio Eduardo Benedito da Silva and Dr Paulo Abrão, all three professors at the Escola Paulista de Medicina, São Paulo Federal University, and Dr Luis Gustavo Raimundo, Molecular Pathologist.

Established in 1998, Centro de Genomas® started its activities with Parental Testing. From 2002 onwards, the company expanded its facilities and started to consistently invest in R, D & I, which represented a big thrust in our trajectory. Today Centro de Genomas® has a wide and varied molecular test menu and highly qualified personnel, formed by experienced professionals who are able to provide high quality service.

Through our continuous concern about quality and the scientific improvement in results Centro de Genomas® earned various certifications that accredit it as a laboratory functioning within all quality norms. Following the Brazilian PALC and PELM programs, we obtained the DICQ and PNCQ certifications, very important for our country.

Always looking for amelioration and having the philosophy of promoting the most modern diagnostic tools, Centro de Genomas® created different divisions according to our market demands, thus making our techniques more adequate to the national reality, and aiming at offering trustful diagnostics also in difficult access places.

In order to respond to the demand for molecular markers for cancer detection and treatment follow up, we created our new Oncology division, which offers tests for Molecular Oncology, Oncohematology, Immunohistochemical Pannels and also the detection of some Monogenetic Diseases.

All our team’s effort and commitment were recognized by the attainment of the "Top of Business Prize" 2008, in the classification of "Innovating National Company". We were also granted a special sponsorship from an important Brazilian research entity, FINEP.



The serious and committed work we have been doing brought important international partners to Centro de Genomas® . We have an exclusive partnership for Brazil with ViveBio, a North American company which developed a new and revolutionary solution for biological sample transportation, CdG/ViveST®. We also have a partnership with ABL, a company that has its seat in Luxemburg. This partnership involves a revolutionary clinical interface software, Therapy Edge®. We also represent many other transnational companies like Biotheranostics, VIRCO® (which offers tests for virtual Phenotyping for the HIV - 1) and the Italian company Fleming (which offers tests for Monogenetic Diseases. We also have Nutritional, Sportive and Anti-aging Genetic Profiles in our test menu, coming from an international partnership as well.