Code of ethics

Centro de Genomas® Internal Ethic Code encompasses the identity and commmitment of the company towards society, the clients, suppliers and all employees.

These ethical principles must orient and direct the company’s actuation in order to create an image of integrity, solidity and commitment in the exercise in favor of health and life.

In order to clearly and objectively identify responsibilities, this INTERNAL ETHIC CODE has been elaborated, to serve as a professional behavior guideline for all employees and administrators at the company.


  1. All employees must have, as their primary aim, to act in the sese of promoting the company in the market place so that it be recognized for its quality and attitude.
  2. All employees must keep professional secrecy about our clients, regarding their identity, types and results of exams performed.
  3. Employees shouldn’t take advantage of the confidence deposited in them for personal purposes.
  4. All company’s employees must incessantly seek for quality improvement , aiming at diminishing to the lowest point possible the occurrence of mistakes that might lead to mistaken diagnostic or prejudicial to our clients and patients.
  5. Keep appropriate behavior, attitude and honesty patterns, taking responsibility for their deeds.
  6. Treat all clients, suppliers and working colleagues with respect, cordiality and loyalty.
  7. All employees must praise theirs and their colleagues’ professional reputation.
  8. All employees must respect the company’s assets, avoiding misuse or damage.
  9. All employees must maintain na active attitude, providing ideas and showing attitudes that are able to improve their performance inside the company and the image thereof.