Research, Development and Innovation

The most striking feature of Genomas® Center is INNOVATE. That means, do differently, more quickly and with higher quality.

The Genomas® Center is an innovative laboratory that has a Research Department, Development and Innovation - PD&I - dedicated and focused on providing the very best and latest in techniques and molecular tests.

The Department of PD&I is always directed to the new trends of the molecular market and the needs of our customers by developing tests that emphasize reliability and quality of results.

All this, using cutting-edge technology at affordable costs. This pioneering spirit is supported by the knowledge acquired through many research and numerous studies conducted over 10 years by a team of highly qualified professionals.

Under the direction of Dr. Carlos Santos, the Department of PD&I is the most responsible for the active presence of Genomas® Center in presentation of papers, publication of scientific articles and participation in various conferences in the area.

The Department of PD&I's Genomas® Center has its eyes on the future, seeing and producing the greatest opportunities in the field of Human Genetics and Personalized Medicine.