Centro de Genomas® is proud to be the first Latin American laboratory to use the CdG/ViveST™ technology. This new and revolutionary technology for transportation and storage of Molecular Biology samples is the result of an international partnership between Centro de Genomas® and ViveBio, a North American company seated in Buford, Georgia.

This device makes sample freezing or refrigeration unnecessary (for whole blood, plasma, urine, sputum, semen, vaginal lavage, lung fluid, cerebral spinal fluid, cell or tissue culture), thus making sample transportation, processing and analysis more economic, practical and secure.



- Transportation and storage of dried samples;


- Room temperature;


- Perfect material conservation over a long period of time;


- No loss of biological properties;


- Significant reduction in costs;


- Can be sent to or received from any place in the world, under different humidity and temperature conditions;


- Applicable for a wide variety of already validated studies.


Validation Study


A validation study has been performed to obtain the correlation between HCV RNA
viral load between paired samples of fresh plasma and plasma loaded onto CdG/

50 samples were randomly selected, in which Real Time PCR had revealed
different viral load numbers.

The samples were submitted to a 12 hour drying process after being loaded
onto CdG/ViveST™, kept at room temperature for 15 days and then rehydrated
using the specific buffer in order to be submitted again to the Real Time PCR.

RESULTS: The result in comparing the samples didn’t show any statistically
significant difference (f < 0,05).




CdG/ViveST™ has proven to be easy to manipulate and efficient for the quantitation
of HCV RNA, potentially being a cheap and secure alternative for sample
transportation and storage, with special usage for distant localities with limited

Moreover, the possibility to load 1 mL sample onto the device maintains the
sensibility in the lower limits of detection of tests.