Cytogenetics is the Genetic branch that studies the structure and number of cromosomes in normal and pathological state. Cytogenetics departments don’t have automatized equipment for the interpretation of results, it relies entirely on a vast professional experience. For that reason, the Cytogenetics division of Centro de Genomas® is under the direction and responsibility of Professor Doctor Andrea Cristina Moraes, a renowned scientist with excellent capacitation in Human Cytogenetics.

With this division, we can supply all the direct demand from our partners. Centro de Genomas® reputation and credibility in the molecular and special diagnostic markets have been decisive for us to attain this target, based on our success in many different cases, always reaching the clients’ total satisfaction.

We perform all sorts of periferic blood caryotypes: fetal, amniotic fluid, choral villum, miscarriage material and bone marrow. We have a specific form to be filled in, in order to obtain all possible information from the patient, and direct contact with the doctor in charge, thus ensuring technical and scientifical support throughout the procedure.