Noninvasive tests

Centro de Genomas® is about to introduce the Hepatic Transitory Elastography test in its menu.

Hepatic Transitory Elastography is a technique used to quantify hepatic fibrosis in a totally non-invasive and painless way, having no contra-indication or inconvenience for the patient, and substituting hepatic biopsy in a very accurate way.

The histopatological examination, through percutaneous hepatic biopsy, has been considered the golden standard exam for hepatic fibrosis evaluation. However, hepatic biopsy is an invasive and painful method, and frequently has little acceptation by patients who have complication risks. The accuracy of biopsy to evaluate hepatic fibrosis has also been questioned, due to sampling errors and the variability in inter and intra observer interpretation. The complexity of hepatic fibrosis is also a hindrance for the continuous follow up, because it involves repeated sampling to evaluate the illness progression or regression.

There is a recent medical consensus stating that the association between hepatic elastography and blood markers like Fibrometer are an excellent way to investigate the state of hepatic fibrosis.