Our Diferential

Centro de Genomas® relies on a professional team specially trained to guarantee excellence in client service. We have a person fully dedicated to all projects conducted in partnership with the pharmaceutical industries and a free line (0800) at their disposal.

In total synergy, the 60 Centro de Genomas® employees agree that "Educating is the most noble form of love" (Robert Wong). We then created the Molecular Letter (Carta Molecular), a technical and informative publication, monthly distributed to our clients, and that can be freely obtained through the site www.cartamolecular.com.br. Or through our website, on the "knowledge space".

As an undertaking conceived to add the newest and most effective tools to Clinical Diagnosis, Centro de Genomas® diferentiates itself by investing in a unique structure in the national market. We are ready to offer complete service, with the commitment to attain the preference of those who work in an everchanging sector.

This is translated into the variety of specialties to which we are dedicated. The divisions we created concentrate the same quality and talent for innovation that have been our sucess hallmark. We would like to introduce you to all Centro de Genomas® divisions: Oncology, CdG/ViveST™, Bioinfo, Non-Invasive Exams, Biomol, Paternity, NAT, Dry Spot, Cytogenetics and Quality.