Detection of HIV-1 tropism (X4 virus or syncytium-inducer viruses and R5 viruses or not syncytium-inducer virus)

Application: syncytium-inducing viruses or X4, usually appear late in the course of infection and are associated with accelerated progression of the disease. In rare cases, a person can become infected with these viruses and their detection may aid in the decision on initiation of therapy. This test is crucial in deciding the use of antiretroviral drugs known as CCR5 antagonists (vicriviroc and maraviroque). This new class of drugs is not indicated when it detects the X4 virus in the patient's bloodstream.


Material: Whole blood (EDTA).
Sample volume: 5 ml (primary tube).
Patient prepare: fasting not required.
Storage: Refrigerated (2-8 ° C).

07 days refrigerated.

Methodology: Nested PCR followed by sequencing.
Delivery time: 15 working days.
Material transportation: The material must be transported refrigerated (dry ice) in styrofoam boxes.
Reciving deadline: 24 hours after submission.
Exam code: M-9001-14

Note: To use the System BitAdsor / viveST ® - Follow the procedures for preparation, storage and shipment of the material indicated in the User Manual that Kit comes with.