HPV - human papillomavirus - Viral Load and Genotyping

Application: Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted virus and can cause warts on the genitals. There is strong evidence that some types of HPV are involved in the development of some types of cancer such as uterine, vaginal and penile. Early detection of this agent is very important in the prevention of cancer and decision to impose treatment. The viral load test allows the doctor to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.


Material: 1 - Discharge / scraping the cervix, cervical, vaginal, urethral and glans penis .*
2 - Shaved specific lesion.
3 - fragments of tissue obtained by biopsy / Surgical resection, preserved in saline / wax material.
Patient prepare: 1 - 24 hours of sexual abstinence.
2 - Do not use vaginal creams and eggs.
3 - Do not perform internal washing or showers.
4 - Do not perform ultrasound trans-vaginal.
Notes: - Indicate medications used by the patient.
Storage: Refrigerated (2-8 ° C).

07 days refrigerated.

Methodology: Real-time PCR + RFLP.
Delivery time:

05 days.

08 days useful for paraffin material.

Detection limit: 50 viral particles.
Material transportation: The material must be transported refrigerated (dry ice) in styrofoam boxes.
Reciving deadline: 24 hours after submission.
Exam code: M-9007-1

Note: Send the material in the kit provided by the Genome Center.