Sincial Respiratory Virus (RSV A and B)

Application: It is the cause of bronchiolitis, also known as viral pneumonia in children, which is an acute respiratory disease and the most frequent cause of hospitalization in infants in the first two years of life. Occurs when the airways narrow the lungs, called bronchioles become inflamed and mucus build up.

Material: Whole blood (EDTA), Liquor.
Sample volume: 2 ml.
Patient prepare: fasting not required.
Notes: - Indicate medications used by the patient.
Storage: Refrigerated (2-8 ° C).

07 days.

Methodology: PCR.
Delivery time: 13 working days.
Material transportation: The material must be transported chilled (dry ice) in styrofoam boxes.
Reciving deadline: 24 hours after submission.
Exam code: